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A Centre for Treatment,

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Welcome to our state-of-the-art facility Bridges Dialysis, in the Cannelles Saint Lucia.  Designed with dialysis clients' needs in mind we provide a clinic with light-filled airy spaces in a stress-free, peaceful environment to provide dialysis services.

Each dialysis station has its own dialysis machine, reclining dialysis chair and a charting area for your attending nurse.  With plenty of room to maneuver you will feel relaxed, at ease, and ready for a great dialysis run.

For out-of-state vacationing clients you will be pleased to see that your treatment should exactly mirror what you are receiving at your own home dialysis unit.  We take great care to ensure that the clinic staff coordinate and communicate with your home dialysis team, to ensure a smooth continuum of care on every visit.

Holistic Dialysis Care

At Bridges Dialysis Centre we offer a complehensive dialysis care environment including:

  • A Pre-Dialysis Assessent.  To co-ordinate your treatment with your physician's overall goals and plan of care

  • On-site Point of care laboratory testing.  We have onsite lab testing dedicated for our clients.  You will receive a baseline cardiac work-up if this hasn't been comleted previously, including an EKG and cardiac blood work, and this will be added to your routine initial blood work panel at the start of your treatment at our facility.

  • Routine Lab Monitoring.  Because we are able to offer on-site lab testing, our clients will receive routine quarterly blood work monitoring to follow your progress while receiving dialysis care.  This is at no extra cost to you.


  • Regular Physician Communication.  We will be in contact with your physician on a quarterly and as needed basis to ensure that your progress is being well-monitored while in dialysis care.  A complimentary comprehensive quarterly summary will be provided to your physician for as long as you are in attendance in dialysis.

  • A supportive staff team.  Bridges Dialysis is staffed by well-trained, pleasant, and skillful professionals who are here to provide you with the best dialysis experience possible.  We have clerical staff, nurses, nurses' aides, biomedical staff, lab technicians all co-ordinating care with your physician to ensure the best service for you.

  • Auxiliary Services We offer many auxiliary services at the centre in addition to dialysis care.  These include:

    • EKG and cardiac blood-work monitoring.  This is ideal for clients who are being followed by a cardiologist in the community and require easy to access cardiac monitoring services for their continued care.

    • Anthropometric Testing.  This services provides a calculation of your body mass composition.  This is a valued service for your own health monitoring and is an excellent adjuvant tool for clinicians monitoring your health.

    • Dietary Counseling.  Dietary counseling is offered to our in-house patients as well as to visiting patients

    • Lifestyle and wellness Counseling.  Wellness and mindfulness counseling is an excellent therapy for overall well-being.

Don't miss out on these helpful services offered to both in-house dialysis patients as well as to external clients...

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