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Welcome to Bridges Dialysis in Saint Lucia

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Dialysis Dates

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!  Please indicate your preferred dates for dialysis:

Welcome to Bridges Dialysis

in Saint Lucia

Are you planning a holiday in Saint Lucia and will need dialysis care?  We are more than happy to assist with arranging your dialysis care as part of your travel plans and can do this for you in a few simple steps.


First you will need to fill in this simple "Dialysis Dates" form at the side to advise us of the number of treatments and dates you will need.  We will contact you back to confirm the dates and the cost of your treatment.  Payment will only be required when you arrive.

Once we have secured your dates we will send your treating facility at home our intake form that is to be emailed/faxed back to the clinic with accompanying documents--a note from you doctor that you are fit to travel, health records including a copy of your recent bloodwork, a recent EKG, your medications taken and the ones administered during dialysis, as well as your dialysis prescriptions and your last 3 dialysis treatment notes.  This is all very easily arranged by your dialysis facility and is something that is done routinely for vacationing clients.

We will ensure that your dialysis is well integrated with your home dialysis treatments seamlessly.  We look forward to seeing you in Saint Lucia soon and hopefully many more times in the future!

We are a choice facility for destination dialysis

Medical form with stethoscope
Bridges Dialysis
Intake Form

This is the form you and your dialysis team are required to fill in and return to our clinic

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Click to see the list of requirements to schedule your dialysis while on holiday

Tropical Island View

Click to see our commitment to quality dialysis care.  We maintain high international standards to ensure safety and a smooth dialysis vacation.

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